Wildlife Series Collection || pt. 2

Time seems to fly lately.

I still can’t quite figure out that only 6 days are left before the update.

So here I am, allowing my hands to rest after a few hours of grinding metal, and sipping steamy tea from my favourite mug.

Feel free to grab your drink of choice and keep me company while I scroll through the pieces of the collection.

P.S. before you start make sure to check out the previous blog post for previews of the other pieces ♥️


❌ The orcas ❌

These orcas under a full moon ended up as  a pair of heavy statement earrings.

They measure 2 & 9/16″ in length and weight about 11.5 grams each.

If time allows, I’ll also get a couple of simple orca necklaces done before February 11 too!


❌ The trouts cuff ❌

The two trouts cuff features two little hand cut and textured trouts facing each other through the crystalline blue of a white water turquoise.

The circumference is 5 & 5/16″ with 1″ gap. Fits a size S-M.


❌ The humpback whales ❌

“I know a captain who has seen them
playing with seaweed, swimming
through the green islands, tossing
the slippery branches into the air.
I know a whale that will come to the boat whenever
she can, and nudge it gently along the bow
with her long flipper.
I know several lives worth living.”
– Mary Oliver

Five whale necklaces will be available on February 11: 2 larger ones and 3 smaller.


The two large ones will both be on a 18″ sterling silver chain and feature little Sonoran gold turquoises.

The three smaller ones all feature Sonoran gold turquoises too and hang on 18″ chains.

Please notice the size comparison:

The larger whales measure approximately 1 & 3/16″ by 2 & 13/64″ (3 X 5.6 cm), while the smaller ones measure 25/32″ by 1 & 3/8″ (2 X 3.5 cm).


❌ The narwhal ❌

This necklace is an ode to one magical inhabitant of our blue planet: the sea unicorn.

It hangs on a 14″ chain and features a tiny Sonoran gold turquoise.


❌ The kiwi ❌

A little kiwi necklace, constellated with stars and flowers will be available as well. Set in it there’s a cut of Sonoran gold turquoise that for some reason reminds me of the omonimous fruit (for the juicy green colour maybe?).

It hangs on a 16″ chain.


❌ The kingfishers ❌

” The kingfisher rises out of the black wave
like a blue flower, in his beak
he carries a silver leaf.
I think this is
the prettiest world–so long as you don’t mind
a little dying, how could there be a day in your
whole life
that doesn’t have its splash of happiness? ”
-Mary Oliver

Two of these birds have been crafted for the collection.

The first one (pictured above) can be worn both as a necklace and as a pin and hangs on a 19″ chain that can easily be removed when necessary.

The second one (pictured below) is only wearable as necklace and comes on a 16″ sterling chain.

Both have Sonoran gold turquoises and tiny flowers to adorn the plumage.


❌ The rabbit ❌

I’ve wanted to make a little rabbit for ages and I’m so glad I finally did it.

This little blooming rabbit found its final form as a pin.

It measures 1″ in height by 1″ in length.


❌ The weasel ❌

It just couldn’t miss. The weasel. Tiny incredible creature, always full of energies and playful as no one alike.


She’s become a pin as well and measures 1″ in length.


❌ The foxes ❌

Most of my friends and relatives keep saying that fox is my spirit animal. I don’t know if that’s true or not but I couldn’t resist the temptation of making a silver portrait of these charming animals.

I’ve paired the silver with some of my favourite reds and oranges: in fact a small Mediterranean red coral and a larger Mexican fire opal adorn each fox.

The first (above) hangs on a 17″ chain, while the other (below) on a 19″ chain.


❌ The sea turtle ❌

I don’t know one animal that can face difficulties as gracefully and calmly as sea turtles do. My wish is that their peacefulness will transpare from this piece.

I made this one with the idea that one lucky person would adorn her hair with this charming creature.

The stone is a natural Sierra Nevada turquoise.


❌ The elephant ❌


Elephants are thought to be the only animals that can show their sorrow through tears, as we humans do.

This says a lot of things about how clever and unique these giants are.

I wanted to focus on their gentleness in this piece, adorning the body with daisies and growing leaves.

The elephant hangs on a 19″ chain and features a tiny cut of Sonoran gold turquoise.


❌ The lynx ❌

The first thought that comes on my mind when I think of a lynx is “wild”. In my head these reserved and solitary animals embody the spirit of antique woodlands.

But in second place also another association comes to my mind: wilderness protection. These fierce animals are in fact endangered. There’s one quote that can summary my opinion on the topic:

“The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders.”
-Edward Abbey

The necklace features a natural cut of Sierra Nevada turquoise and hangs on a 17″ chain.


❌ The elk ❌

Here comes the elk, the mountaineer for excellence. It’s magestic horns, leaning towards always changing skies.

I envisioned this piece to be covered in ferns. It might be one of my favourites from the whole collection.


A sky blue Sierra Nevada turquoise to catch the eyes.

It hangs on a 19″ sterling silver chain.


❌ The hummingbird ❌

Last but surely not least is the tiniest of all birds.

Well known for its aura of magic and for its daintiness, I wanted to make this little creature stand out!

Soon I knew it had to be a lariat necklace.

The little body, hand cut and engraved, hangs on a 17″ chain, while below it, attached through a 2″ chain, hang two stunning blue Sonoran gold turquoises and a tiny hand stamped feather.


❌ That’s it for the this pt. 2 of the wilderness series collection ❌

❌ All of these pieces will be availablle February 11 at noon pst ❌

I still have so many projects and ideas in mind that I probably won’t have the time to translate into silver before the update. Seriously considering making a second tranche of the collection later on next month. What do you think?

As always, thanks for following along ♥️

With love,


Hi and welcome! My name is Alea and I am the one girl behing Pluvial Fern. Everything you see here, every piece of jewelry, every photograph, every post, is the result of my work. My sincere hope is to transmit you those values and inspirations that are the deep engines that aninated Pluvial Fern in the first place! ~ I've always love arts. Since childhood I used to spend a lot of time into wood working, book stitching, sculpting, painting and more. But being a full time student never allowed me to deepen in one of these crafts. This was until I "accidentally" discovered metalsmithing: it was love at first sight; a whole new world of opportunities unfolding in my yet inexpert hands! Being a 100% self taught maker, it was extremely tough at the beginning, and - I'm not gonna lie - frustrating once in a while. But after months of researches and over a year of practice, I finally managed to become familiar and master this medium. That's how "Pluvial Fern" was born. Fine metals and natural gems are the most duttile materials in terms of possibilities and allow me to transfer my love for wilderness and Earth into wearable art. It's exactly because of my love for the Planet, that I donate 5% of my annual income to nature conservation! My hope is to give you the best experience as customers, as well as to leave you with a piece of jewelry that communicates the passion and gratitude that went into creating it. And maybe, that tiny treasure will act as a reminder of the astounding beauty of Nature that we're all so intrinsically connected to.


    • pluvialfern

      Hi sweetheart ? I’ll have a bunch available in my next shop update on April 17 and they cost around 180$ (shipping included) ♥️
      Yours, Alea

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