And all at once, summer collapsed into fall

And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.
~ Oscar Wilde

As the days get shorter and shorter, my soul starts to resonate stronger with the changing season.
The view around paints in all shades of red, orange and brown.

A soft carpet of yellow leaves surrounds clementine trees, those same trees that generously offered branches full of delicious berries just a few months ago.

As when I’m out in the woods, so when I’m at my bench, a gentle breeze whispers in the ears, asking me to turn the temporary beauty of this season into more durable metal and stone pieces.

And so I did. I listened to the breeze and created my own ode for Fall.

Some of these pieces I’ve already shown elsewhere or are available in the shop.
Nonetheless it is important for me to show them all at once in this blog post for a more cohesive feeling of the whole collection.

Golden rain necklace

If you ever took a walk in the beechwoods during fall, you know how magical it is to be under a rain of golden leaves gently landing on the ground. This was the view that inspired the “Golden Rain Necklace”. Tiny brass leaves, soldered onto solid sterling silver, dangle from the chain like leaves from a branch, dangling in that same breeze of above.


Falling leaves earrings

Associated to this falling leaves design are 6 pairs of stud earrings.
Tiny and comfortable, they feature hand cut and stamped brass leaves, soldered on sterling silver.


Golden leaf ring


And also a little ring in the same design, available as made to size in the shop.

Three little berries, juxtaposed to the leaf, lay on a small textured silver band.


Jasper rings

Five bigger rings feature gorgeous cuts of imperial and ocean jaspers.
Naturally green and pink and brown and orange, the jaspers are enclosed in a detailed twisted wire.
A simple double shank for the band.

Sizes available are: 8, 7.5, 6.75, 6.5, 6.25

My hands are shaking in excitement for the next pieces to come!
Natural ambers, jaspers, silver and brass will give birth to the second tranche of the × Fall in the beechwoods × collection.

See you there ?

Happy exploring lovely souls! May the fall breeze be with you ?️

Hi and welcome! My name is Alea and I am the one girl behing Pluvial Fern. Everything you see here, every piece of jewelry, every photograph, every post, is the result of my work. My sincere hope is to transmit you those values and inspirations that are the deep engines that aninated Pluvial Fern in the first place! ~ I've always love arts. Since childhood I used to spend a lot of time into wood working, book stitching, sculpting, painting and more. But being a full time student never allowed me to deepen in one of these crafts. This was until I "accidentally" discovered metalsmithing: it was love at first sight; a whole new world of opportunities unfolding in my yet inexpert hands! Being a 100% self taught maker, it was extremely tough at the beginning, and - I'm not gonna lie - frustrating once in a while. But after months of researches and over a year of practice, I finally managed to become familiar and master this medium. That's how "Pluvial Fern" was born. Fine metals and natural gems are the most duttile materials in terms of possibilities and allow me to transfer my love for wilderness and Earth into wearable art. It's exactly because of my love for the Planet, that I donate 5% of my annual income to nature conservation! My hope is to give you the best experience as customers, as well as to leave you with a piece of jewelry that communicates the passion and gratitude that went into creating it. And maybe, that tiny treasure will act as a reminder of the astounding beauty of Nature that we're all so intrinsically connected to.

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